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Sometimes at weddings our couples come up with personalized touches – usually something they’ve seen in a magazine {and most times we’ve seen them done}, other times we help to twist something we’ve done before…

And occasionally something happens organically that blows even a seasoned planner away…

Deana and Matt’s wedding yesterday was EXACTLY one of those ‘blew us away by accident moments’ –

It was nearly time for Deana to dance with her dad… photographer was in place, dj – ready, and all the players knew what was coming next…

Deana says “this song is kind of long… some of the bridesmaids are here and so are their dads can we invite them to join us?”

Sure! It ended up that there were 8 women at the wedding whose dad were also there and it was very sweet to watch…

Fathers and Daughters

SO, Matt says: “that was really cool, can we do that too? There are a couple of the guy’s whose moms are here too”

Mothers and Sons

12 –right twelve guys were there whose mom’s we also in attendance ranging form the ring bearer and his mom to the grooms uncle and his mom….

KEEP IN MIND: This was a wedding of only 126 people!

It was really cool to see to families with such close knit circles of friend all coming together…

I’m sure we’ll be suggesting this to a lot of our couples!

Thanks Deana and Matt and Congratulations!



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