This blog post is sure to make some of your stomachs growl, get other’s creative juices flowing and others it might make your blood boil….{sorry}

While presenting at a recent NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) conference in Reno, Nevada – they took us out to an old mining town called Virginia City for a taste of the old west…

One of the items caught my eye as being Pennsylvania born and raised, I know a good Whoopie Pie –

Some of you may know these tasty treats by other names (gob, black-and-white, bob, "BFO" for Big Fat Oreo or hucklebucks).

Now if you’re from Maine you may claim this treat as your own, but Pennsylvania Dutch know better…

These treats are part cake, part cookie and totally YUM! Thought to be made from leftover cake batter these cake like disks are filled with a creamy filling – generally made of chocolate cake, you’ll also find these made with pumpkin, gingerbread ( and now red velvet too).

This display of yummy filled cake got me to thinking – at weddings, we’ve done cookie trays – being raised with all Italians I’m used to this; I’ve even seen the cookie jar displays a la Martha…. And I’m sorry to say, I’m cup caked to death….

To all the people I know who specialize in cupcakes…I’m sorry, I love you, I’ve just seen enough to last me a life time- and as my friend Sylvia says “I don’t go to a black tie wedding to unwrap my dessert”…

I see whoopie pies as the next great dessert for weddings – they are small and bite sized, moist and creamy, can be done in DOZENS of flavor combinations and you don’t need to unwrap them to eat them…and they travel well if you are looking to take them home…

Whether you are from Pennsylvania or Maine or anywhere in between… your guests are sure to love these and yell “OMG, these are AMAZING”

LOL – just kidding – WHOOPIE!

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